Response Post Week 3

I agree with you 100% about the Akai MPC. It has to be one of the most influential, and innovative sequencers ever made. Not only for hip-hop, but dance music too. Producers never before had access to such great sounding drum samples, but like you said, the touch sensitive pads made producing more realistic drums easier than ever. Another cool thing was not needing a computer to run the midi, you could chop and loop samples all in the box on this machine. One of my favorite uses of this machine is when Kanye West Performed at the MTV Music Awards a few years ago. It was just him, on an all white stage with a roman styled pedestal with a MPC on top. A lot of producers performed on stage or in competitions using their MPC’s. Its an amazing piece of technology that isnt going anywhere. I also want to use and own one someday.

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