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Atlantic Recording studios was the home base for Atlantic Records beginning in 1947 and had a steady track record of recording serious legends all the way through the 1980’s. They recorded and mastered some of the greatest musical acts of all time. New York has always been a hub for what is new and the best, and Atlantic Studios was the best of the best. It was the first recording studio to produce stereo mixes. Even legendary Wall Of Sound producer Phil Spector worked for Atlantic records in 1960 and 1961.

Atlantic Records has had a huge impact on popular music since its inception, and continues even today. From Ray Charles, to Otis Redding, they had some of the greatest soul artists. In later years they recorded and distributed records from AC/DC to The Allman Brothers.

I think the characteristics that really separated Atlantic in the early days was their strong ethics, and a true love for music. Rather than just producing pop music that would sell well, they let their artists be artists. They weren’t a controlling label, that pushed people to do what they wanted, but rather they let people explore and create on their own.

Their impact really on music is boundless. I’d take the struggles Atlantic Records went through, and apply the lessons learned to my own recording engineering career. Making sure that I’ve secured the rights to my music, and make sure I treat the companies and people I work with, honestly and professionally. Their deal with Stax Records when south when an Atlantic Records lawyer snuck in a clause that  secretly robbed them of their musical rights. Most importantly, I’d stick with the morals they had when they first started. I’m very interested in starting my own label one day, and out of the major labels still around, Atlantic at least started on the right foot. Letting musicians be themselves, and express themselves without limits or boundaries is something to take away. Atlantic Studios was the home field for the developments of countless amazing artists.


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