Peer Review Week 4

I think Don Mclean was an amazing songwriting and artist. I agree, he did sing from the heart, and American Pie was a dark story of America falling from glory and losing many things that were dearest. I really enjoy this song, and I always have. I think it has many great messages we could all take away from. Love, death, and being grateful for the time that we have before we die. He touched on many topics in a way that wouldnt you put you off from it. Most artists that talk about religion, or ‘saving your mortal soul’ would make you want to change the station. But the upbeat tempo, and fun atmosphere keep you listening. If it werent for the events of James Dean, JFK and other horrible things that happened do you think Don Mclean would still be known like he is today? Do you think he would have created such a song without those topics to write about? One more thing I would like to mention, make sure you pay extra attention to your sentence structure and usage of periods and commas. 

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